Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know)

Does your mother know - that you don't wear pants?

The "Neon Nights" era was such an amazing time for Dannii. Not only did she turn out one of the best pop albums of the decade and establish herself as a pop force to be reckoned with (albeit briefly), she got everything just right - from the beautiful cover art to the choice of singles. Even the B-sides and unreleased tracks are divine!

One of the many great unreleased tracks to leak from the "Neon Nights" sessions is "Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?)". The song is Dannii at her slutty best, purring her way through camp lyrics like "you look like a baby boy on the outside, but you're not too young to know I feel the man inside". Filth! The song really doesn't fit in with the "Neon Nights" synth-pop sound but it is a fun addition to Dannii's treasure chest of trashy pop delights. "Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?)" was to have been included on the scheduled "Platinum Collection" but that release has been postponed (ie. scrapped). "Tut Tut" is a grower - I hope you like it.

Download - Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?)

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