Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Get Into You - Craptastic Remix

Of all Dannii's experiments with R'n'B, "Get Into You" is by far the most authentic in sound. Dannii's vocal performance is excellent and the rhythm kicks like a bitch. In fact, the song could easily be mistaken for the kind of music being released by the likes of En Vogue in the mid-1990s. The only distinction is the fact that En Vogue would not have a couple of tragic gay dancers ruin their video - but I digress. The whole point of "Get Into You" was to re-launch Dannii as a fierce urban diva with the ultimate goal of breaking the American market. I have always suspected that Dannii's label were somewhat dubious about her new sound. That would explain the inclusion of the supremely fabulous "This Is It" on an otherwise R'n'B heavy album and the alternate radio edit of "Get Into You". The bizarrely titled "Hustlers Convention Disco Mix Radio Edit" is so far removed from the original radio edit that it could be a different song. It's definitely not an improvement, but it is a lot of craptastic fun!

Download - Get Into You (Hustlers Convention Disco Mix Radio Edit)

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Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

That remix is awful... it was a shite track to start with though.

This Is It was included on the album so that it could be launched of an actual hit after the flops of Show You The Way To Go (which wasn't going to be included on the album in the first place apparently ???) and International Hooker Anthem Love's On Every Corner