Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Come & Get It - J.C.A. Ft Dannii

Since the day that Dannii's Dirty Box first opened its pink flaps to the public, I have been weighing up whether I should do some kind of countdown or make a list of my favourite Dannii songs. It sounds like a lot of fun but I just don't think I could choose between them. However, I am certain that Dannii's collaboration with J.C.A. would, at the very least, be in my top 10. "Come And Get It" is an exquisite slice of dance-pop that should have delivered Dannii her first #1 hit. Instead, the song suffered the indignity of ending up as one of those ridiculous hidden tracks on certain editions of "Neon Nights".

Just when it seemed that all was lost, Dannii's German record company outed itself as the knight in shining armour who would save the song from pop oblivion by announcing that "Come & Get It" would be the 4th Single from "Neon Nights" in Germany. Dannii's fans rejoiced that one of the greatest pop injustices of recent years would be rectified to some extent. The record company appeared committed to making the song a success - remixes were commissioned, promos were released and a video clip was planned. And then, the record company pulled the plug due Dannii being unavailable for promotion due to previous commitments. I think that's code for "Holidannii strikes again".

"Come And Get It" was eventually released as a digital single in Germany and I am very happy to bring it to you with thanks to Tommie. Get ready to enjoy one of Dannii's finest pop moments.

Download - Come And Get It (Radio Version)
Download - Come And Get It (Radio Cut)
Download - Come And Get It (Late Night Radio)
Download - Come And Get It (Sharam Jay Remix)
Download - Come And Get It (Tom Novy Remix)
Download - Come And Get It (Extended Version)
Download - Come And Get It (Neon Nights Remix)
Download - Come And Get It (Extended Vinyl Mix)

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Michael said...

mike this is one of the only dannii singles i dont have, and i love it. can you please please please re upload it for me?