Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Just Can't Give You Up - Unreleased

"Just Can't Give You Up" is another of the unreleased "Neon Nights" tracks to leak towards the end of last year. In my opinion, it is the best of the bunch - and I think the other tracks are pretty shit hot! It really is quite hard to fathom how something this oustanding was not even considered good enough to be a "Neon Nights" B-side. I guess the sheer volume of excellent music resulted in a couple of amazing songs falling through the cracks. I find it even more difficult to comprehend why the song was not used for "The Hits & Beyond". Dannii is one of the co-writers, along with Terry Ronald and Ian Masterson, so surely she could have taken it with her to AATW. This is pure gold in comparison to some of the mediocre rubbish she has churned out since signing with her new label. The things I would do to hear the other "Neon Nights" rejects - particularly the songs Dannii recorded with Roger Sanchez! I have my fingers crossed that they will turn up one day.

Download - Just Can't Give You Up

The song has already appeared on youtube and someone has been kind enough to make a clip for it. Watch it here.

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