Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Unreleased Dannii - By Way Of Denise Lopez

The "Neon Nights" sessions were such a fertile period in Dannii's career that the vaults of London Records are positively bursting with unreleased Dannii material. Some of the songs have finally started to leak, while others have been re-recorded and used by other acts. One such act is the Swedish sensation, Denise Lopez. Denise not only got her hands on two of Dannii's fabulous rejects but somehow got Dannii to sing back-up vocals on one of them.

The tracks in questions, "Karma Sutra" and "Sex Dice", are both excellent and both written by Dannii. "Karma Sutra" is the song that features Dannii on backing vocals and sounds like a slightly more poptastic version of "Vibe On". "Sex Dice" is even better. I love the tacky lyrics about rolling "a 6 and a 9". Classy. This song is so Danniitastic, I can almost picture her singing it! Both songs would have slotted in nicely with the other tracks on "Neon Nights" due to their catchy beats and slutastic lyrics. If only Dannii had released something akin to the hyper-edition of Kylie's "Fever", which included all the B-sides and other goodies. Instead, Dannii's hard work has passed on to delightful lady pictured above. I'm not sure what the Denise Lopez story is, all I know is that she comes from Sweden and releases Dannii's sloppy seconds. I love her already!

A big thanks to Blogland's most infamous Dannii hater, Robpop, for sending me the tracks. We all know he has a secret Dannii shrine hidden away behind his sling and harness!

Download - Karma Sutra
Download - Sex Dice

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