Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Mardi Gras Dannii - Everlasting Night

Dannii has been a staunch supporter of the gay community from the very beginning of her career. "Everlasting Night" is one of the reasons why Dannii is considered to be family amongst Aussie gays, while most divas are treated as warmly received guests. The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras needed a hand back in the late 90s and Dannii came forward with this song. Robpop of DontStopThePop fame recently informed me that "Everlasting Night" is a cover version, which is confusing because Dannii is listed on the single as a co-writer with sexy Tezza (Terry Ronald). Please explain, oh wise leader!

Regardless of the history of the song, there is no denying its impact. Dannii caused a media sensation by pashing a bull dyke in the extremely camp video (which includes 3 people I know - one of them intimately!) and the song quickly became a fan favourite. "Everlasting Night" was also the first hint of Dannii's hankering for pussy, which would come back to haunt her with the fabulous Lezzigate scandal! The single was only released in Australia and it became a minor hit. I love the song and still hear it occasionally in gay bars. "Everlasting Night" is a 90s club classic!

Download - Everlasting Night

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