Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Rare - The Original Everlasting Night '95

I'm very excited to share the original version of Dannii's Mardi Gras classic "Everlasting Night". When I posted the Mardi Gras version of "Everlasting Night" during the original run of Dannii's Dirty Box, Robpop mentioned that the song was, in fact, a cover version - or more accurately, a re-working of an earlier song recorded for Dannii's intended third album with MCA, which was eventually scrapped. After much digging, Blogland's hooker with a heart of gold has finally found the original "Everlasting Night" in the murky depths of his hardrive and was kind enough to share it with me. Thank you, Rob!

This version of "Everlasting Night" comes from the London Pride festival way back in 1995. Rob tells me that the song was initially considered for "Girl" but inexplicably did not make the final cut. I am totally blown away by how much better the original version is. I love Dannii's Mardi Gras version of "Everlasting Night" but the original is just so much more poptastic. The music reeks of Euro-pop and the chorus is infinitely more catchy. The line where Dannii says "everybody party now!" makes me want to touch myself. This is truly a slice of pop perfection!

Download - Everlasting Night (Pride At Galaxy Version)


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I was sure that Everlasting Night was recorded when Dannii was between labels and was one of three tracks she used for label shopping - none of which were ever intended for release...

Anyway, it is fabulously cheesy.

Semi said...

Woah! This is Amazingly better!!! I love it!

Semi said...

Woah! This is Amazingly better!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

thanks heaps - great to hear one of the 'rough versions' before the physical release in 98/99. I would have loved to have heard a studio version (alternate single mix perhaps) of this format included or officialy released.
then again I would love her to release an album asap too
& i would love Nathan to cut his hair

BruDé said...

nice new pink for the box !

Trash Addict said...

Semi - I really prefer this version of Everlasting Night - I wish there was a proper studio version. This version is so cute.

Jay, that could be true. I'm not sure. Rob says it was one of three songs originally slated as the first single to "Girl" (the others being "Someone New" and "Movin' Up"). I think this version is too bubblegum for "Girl" but I still love it.

Brude - The pink is much more Dannii, no? I just need to change the green font. I've realised it's quite hard to read.

Anon - Did you really mention the N word?!

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

:o Not the "N" word! *hides*

Though this reminds me: did you see my fabulous new Dannii Art on Haven?

James said...

This is far better than the released version.

Do you have anymore information on Dannii's unreleased 3rd album? I'd love to hear more tracks from it!

Thanks so much for this, I don't suppose you have the live version of 'Free Your Love' which was performed alongside this?

Trash Addict said...

Sorry, I don't have Free Your Love - I'll post it if I manage to find it.

James said...

Jennie-C has posted [i]I Don't Wanna Leave You Now[/i] in the 90s section on www.togerland.com

She performed it on her 1998 Unleashed Tour, Dannii's live vocal sounds fantastic!

On a slightly unrelated note, do you have any trashtastic Kaci tracks (including remixes) to post on PTA anytime soon?

I love Motiv8 style remixes of tracks and this version of Everlasting Night has given my a tremendous craving for trash of the same ilk.

Keep up the fabulous work.