Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Hits & Beyond Megamix

The first semi-final of "Australia's Got Talent" was the most Dannii-tastic episode of the series yet. I particularly loved the clearly scripted reference to Dannii's UK #1 dance hits and Holidannii finally name-dropping her sister! I'm sure I wasn't the only fan to breathe a sigh of relief. It's about time that Dannii started publicity whoring in earnest, particularly with the very positive initial response to "He's The Greatest Dancer", which has seen it make the top 10 most added songs to Australian radio. To put things into perspective, I don't remember hearing "So Under Pressure" on the radio a single time! The newspapers are also speculating that Dannii will perform the song on "Australia's Got Talent" or "Dancing With The Stars", which would almost guarantee Dannii another #43 smash hit. I pray it happens!

In the meantime, let's remember Dannii's stunning greatest hits compilation with the Hits & Beyond Megamix. I'm told that this fabulous mix appeared on a Joy FM compilation and was intended at one stage as a Hits & Beyond bonus track. A big thanks to Bruno for the mix!

Download - Hits & Beyond Megamix


Gregor said...

Oh my dear god.
I have only just come across your blog and I am devastated at how the much-sought after NN and Hits and Beyond megamixes were available for me to download for FREE yet I totally missed out and they are now lost forever.

Doodvid said...

Me too....gutted! Perhaps they could be re-uploaded for new fans of this FABULOUS site...?


Leonard said...

Seems I have a knack of finding things out too late. Any hope that someone could re-upload the Hits & Beyond Megamix? Thanks

DiamondDann said...

Any chance of re uploading this please?
I wanna hear it before i buy the Joy CD.