Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Holidannii's Theme Song - Trip

Hopefully, the technical glitch that turned Dannii's Dirty Box into a proverbial dog's breakfast has been fixed. I'll remember not to post youtube clips in the future!

So, who watched "Australia's Got Talent"? It was so wonderfully tacky - I couldn't get enough of it! Dannii looked absolutely divine and managed not to make a complete tit of herself. I loved the acrobatic dogs and the tranny, Miss Imma Star, who sang Ethel's disco version of "Everything's Coming Up Roses". I was devastated that the other tranny, Issen Laurent (get it?), didn't get through. I loved her amazing song, "I'm your candy sailor boy". What a disgrace!

I guess I should get on with the music. The subject of today's dose of Dannii is something very close to Dannii's heart - going on holidays. Dannii has become so famous for her love of travel that she has earned the nickname "Holidannii"! Just check out Teetoo's lovely postcards. I particularly like Dannii with the camels!

"Trip" appeared on 2005's "Departure Lounge - World Grooves" album and is credited to "Thriller J presents Dannii Minogue". I can't say that the song is essential Dannii but enthusiasts will want it in their collection and it does make for pleasant background music. "Trip" is worth downloading just to hear Dannii sing "I love trips"!

Download - Trip

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Anonymous said...

Being an avid reader/downloader to this blog, I wonder if it is possible to request a re-post of this track ('Trip'). I missed it, or the link never worked. Thanks in advance!