Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I Can't Sleep At Night - Remixes

"I Can't Sleep At Night" was to have been the 4th single from "The Hits & Beyond". Remixes were commissioned and an utterly slutastic video was filmed, only for the project to be shelved in favour of "He's The Greatest Dancer" - which was also eventually cancelled. I wouldn't have picked "I Can't Sleep At Night" as a single, "Gone" was the obvious choice in my opinion, but it seems incredibly wasteful to throw everything away at the last minute. The video would have ensured some media attention and the remixes are, as usual, excellent. The promotional strategies of AATW remain one of life's great mysteries but at least Dannii keeps on churning out fabulous material.

Download - I Can't Sleep At Night (KB Project)
Download - I Can't Sleep At Night (Afterlife Remix)
Download - I Can't Sleep At Night (KC Sunshine Funk Remix)
Download - I Can't Sleep At Night (Friday Night Posse Remix)

Thanks to Jay and Tommie for the remixes. Enjoy the brilliant video for "I Can't Sleep At Night". Dannii is scorching hot - I love it!

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